• Market Research & Planning

Market Intelligence and Customer Intelligence

Many companies, of all types and sizes, face a similar problem, they lack up-to-date market intelligence and customer intelligence. This is typically a result of a lack of resources dedicated to looking outside existing product challenges and customers. Through analyzing market trends, competitor research, and customer behavior and preferences, we provide critical information that enables you to improve product performance and launch new products faster, more efficiently and more successfully.

Clarify Product Strategy

Uncommon applies a holistic approach to commercializing products. We provide a critical look into your opportunity and ask the right questions, working with you to develop a deeper understanding.

Optimize Your Time

Our clients know their businesses inside-out. The challenge is finding time to perform the tasks needed to move to the next level. Let us help you.

Measure Your Results

We deliver measurable results that will move you closer to growing your customer base, increasing revenue and raising capital, positioning you for commercial success.

We'll Help You Apply For Government Funding

Our services can often be partially funded through government grant programs. There are many government organizations focused on supporting and enhancing the commercialization of new product development. While we work with many of these organizations, we are intimately familiar with the following programs:

  • Alberta Innovates Technology Futures Micro Voucher
  • Alberta Innovates Technology Futures Voucher
  • TECTERRA Commercialization Support Services Program
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