New Product Management Services

Uncommon Innovation, a leader in new product management and marketing, helps startups and established companies build technology products people will buy. We focus on technology in core industries that can benefit most from our expertise, experience and networks:

  • Industrial Technology
  • Business Optimization
  • Health Sciences
  • Consumer

Here are a few ways our services can help your startup or business gain be more successful in commercializing your new product:

  • Identify the best segment to target in the early stages of launch (targeting everyone is not a recommended strategy)
  • Make decisions based on information such as market size, value of your product to buyers/users, your ability to reach a particular segment, key trends likely to impact product sales, and sustainability of the segment
  • Learn from competitors and understand your position in the competitive landscape
  • Identify options to differentiate your product from competitors and alternatives
  • Gain insight directly from the people who will be your future customers by talking with them and testing the product or product concept
  • Understand what will motivate customers to buy your product
  • Identify the best options to promote your product to customers
  • Identify the best locations to sell your product
  • Identify the marketing messages most likely to be effective

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