Trusted Positioning – Opportunity Clarity

“We knew we had a good product and opportunity, but Uncommon Innovation helped us see just how big the opportunity really was. Uncommon Innovation helped us set the bar higher, focused us on a rapidly growing market, clearly highlighted the importance of “speed to market” and arranged introductory meetings with valuable prospective clients. Uncommon has made a meaningful impact on our future business direction and we hope to continue our relationship in the future.”

— Chris Goodall, Managing Director InvenSense Canada (former CEO of Trusted Positioning Inc., acquired by InvenSense Inc.)


Vivametrica – Market Assessment

“Working with the Uncommon Invitation team was a pleasure. The service started before the project ever began, with Uncommon assisting us in completing a successful funding app to AITF to cover the lion’s share of project costs — very helpful for a startup. I thought our teams did a good job engaging together and I found the Uncommon folks to be both attentive and responsive to shifting opportunities and findings from the research in-progress. Through this initiative, we were able to validate, or eliminate, much of our thinking on North American market segments. At the end of the day, we got what we asked for, and found a partner we can feel good about go-forward.”

— Scott Valentine, President, Vivametrica


Work EvOHlution – Opportunity Assessment

“Thanks once more for the phenomenal job Uncommon Innovation did on our Opportunity Assessment, and for the pre-work completed by the team. Together Uncommon Innovation has really helped us feel confident and tread carefully as we make each decision. You saved us from jumping in too quickly and potentially spending funds before questioning and testing our many assumptions about this tool, market etc. We now have a goldmine of information to pull from.

Uncommon is strategic yet very detailed and thorough in their approach. We feel armed and ready to move forward, although will likely engage them again to assist with strategic planning and grant applications along the way. The worst part of working with them is that they are not a regular part of our team!

We would not hesitant to recommend Uncommon to anyone in our networks, and will certainly be giving them credit whenever people ask how we got started!”
— Laura Hambley, President, Work EvOHlution


Enterra Technologies – Opportunity Assessment

“Uncommon Innovation is a perfect match for dynamic start-ups. They have a broad knowledge base, specific expertise in the energy industry, and a laundry list of top start-up clients. Uncommon was great at digging into our solution’s market and helped us shape a product development plan tailored to our market. We look forward to working with Uncommon Innovation in the future.”

<em>— Burke Vindevoghel, Co-Founder & VP, Enterra Technologies


White Knight Safety Solutions – Opportunity Assessment

“Are you an entrepreneur looking for a firm to assess the potential of your idea? Or perhaps you are looking for a market assessment? Then I suggest you speak with Uncommon Innovation. I had the pleasure of working with them on my opportunity assessment. They displayed a razor sharp mind and asked many questions that showed great analytical depth. You want to work with Uncommon Innovation, because they will go to great lengths to figure out what it is your company requires to be successful in this competitive landscape. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

— Leo Vroegindewey, CEO, White Knight Safety Solutions


eThor – Opportunity Development

“Uncommon has helped us to achieve several key milestones. They helped to validate the market need for what we wanted to do, define the product feature set, identify our pricing structure, and they helped guide us through the process of finding and engaging the right beta customers. Their work not only advanced my business, but it also directly contributed to helping me identify potential investors and raise capital.
Uncommon Innovation helped me take my idea and turn it into a reality. If it wasn’t for Uncommon Innovation, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today. They are worth every penny!”

— Gary Ziegler, CEO eThor Media Inc.


Wedge – Product Positioning

“As a leader in the global high performance web security market, Wedge Networks strives to continuously innovate to better serve the requirements of its customer base.

Uncommon’s research and strategic insight has made a valuable impact on our ability to create more market driven products and more easily communicate our benefits to our customers. By helping to understand our market and where we provide value to our customers we have been able to position ourselves among the leaders in our space. Resulting in inclusion in SC magazines top 10 anti-malware appliances and signing new resellers who did not have high end anti-malware solutions in their product mix.

I am very impressed with Uncommon’s abilities in market research and requirement analysis. The data gathered through their customer interviews is invaluable to our go-forward strategic investments.”

— Hongwen Zhang, CEO & Alexes Hushlak, Director of Sales and Marketing, Wedge Networks Inc.


CoolIT- Growth Financing

“Uncommon helped us to raise over $3.5 million by fine tuning our pitch and connecting us to several finance sources including the organization that became our first institutional investor.

Uncommon’s insight, effort, professionalism, and dedication to achieving our critical fundraising goals was essential in providing CoolIT with the financial capacity it needed to continue to support its rapid growth.”

— Jason Myers, President, CoolIT Systems Inc.


Insight Home Solutions – Expansion to New Geographic Market

“Uncommon’s assessment helped Insight to determine the level and timing of the investments required for us to penetrate our new market and focused the organization on an actionable series of initiatives designed to support the successful opening of our new office.

Making our services available in a new region is an important investment for our company. Uncommon helped us make better decisions about this investment by clarifying the challenges and illuminating strategies to help overcome them. We look forward to accessing Uncommon’s services to help with our next major new initiative.”

— Keith Johnson, President, Insight Home Management


dTechs – Commercialization Strategy for New Product

“Working with Uncommon Innovation has been a great and rewarding experience for us at dTechs. They have over-delivered on all of the promises made and we have always had a great sense of value for money spent.

It is refreshing to deal with an organization that has such high ethical standards.  With the open and honest communications we have received from them it has created an atmosphere for highly effective collaboration.

Uncommon completed some key market research for us that really helped to fine tune our focus and identify our target audience.  At the same time it allowed us to stay focused on our core business initiatives of launching and growing our business.

Without the development of this marketing and sales research, I can say with certainty, that we would not have had the fast track success of matching our solutions to our key target clients.”

— Roger Morrison, Founder & CEO and Cameron James – President, dTechs EPM


Clynch – Growing Sales

“We had initial reservations with working with an outside consultant. Uncommon Innovation demonstrated very quickly they had the capability to understand the specifics of our industry and market and within a few weeks were capable of making valuable recommendations concerning the strategic direction of our technology and products.

Information gathered by Uncommon Innovation allows us to very precisely target our product development, marketing, and sales efforts on a well identified and now better understood market segment.

The primary research carried out has also identified and established relationships with a number of sales prospects that our company will be able to capitalize on immediately.

We’re very happy with the work completed – we couldn’t really have asked for much more.”

— Dr. Paul Ferry, Clynch Technologies Inc.